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Oh! Chocolate is famous for their varieties of flavor. They do seasonal items like a pink champagne truffle for spring and a fabulous crystallized gingerbread truffle for winter. “We make candy like you’d make at home. We make it in small batches using the freshest ingredients and delight in creating new flavors!”  

So whether you are a seasoned chocolate lover or just want to treat someone else to a gift box, we look forward to helping you Experience Oh!

Our Team: 

The business spans three generations of the Krautheim family with daughter, Margo Masaoka, now overseeing the original flagship store on Mercer Island, along with her daughter and son-in-law, Marisa and Ty Barrett, both incredible chocolatiers!

insistence on using only the highest quality ingredients. Gertie was determined to create the perfect confection that would make a chocolate lover (or first-time chocolate taster) sigh, “Ohhhh! Chocolate!”

Eventually, Carl and Gertie moved to the mainland, opening a shop on Mercer Island, Washington. The shop has been open for 30 years and is now a family tradition for several generations of Mercer Islanders. While Gertie created her luscious chocolates, Carl generously handed out chocolate samples to the delight of each store visitor. This tradition continues today, as the family delights in making all guests’ visits to the shop a delicious experience!


Oh! Chocolate is famous for our delicious French-styled chocolate that delights chocolate lovers everywhere and even turns non-chocolate eaters into chocolate enthusiasts. However what makes us most proud is the experience that we offer every customer coming into our store. We hope to create a friendly, happy and memorable experience for you. Our chocolates are hand-crafted in small batches and we still work in five-pound batches. In a fast-paced world of technology and machine processing, we offer a service reminiscent of times gone by when people had time to stop and chat and enjoy a shopping experience.

About Us

Margo Masaoka - Carl and Gertie Krautheim's daughter.

Marisa and Ty Barrett - Carl and Gertie's granddaughter and husband.

After Pearl Harbor was bombed and neighbors gathered at the Krautheim home during a black-out period, Gertie instinctively knowing that chocolate was a comforting and calming confection, made a batch of chocolates and shared them with her friends and neighbors, who happily devoured them and smiled during this difficult period. Later, Gertie continued learning and experimenting with chocolate in a small air-conditioned room that Carl built for her. She would cook late into the night perfecting many of her recipes.

Carl and Gertie tested a variety of the world’s finest chocolate in order to produce the perfect dark, velvety truffle. They both enjoyed chocolate made in the French tradition, with a strong, rich chocolate “bite.” Gertie also developed rich, buttery caramels as well as delightful creams, all drenched in French chocolate. Their success in producing the finest, world-class chocolates is due to their unwavering 

Three generations of the Krautheim family have been creating artisan chocolates in Seattle since 1985. Oh! Chocolate has become a Seattle family tradition as generations of customers return for their chocolate for every day and commemorative celebrations. Oh! is proud of their history of producing hand-crafted chocolates in flavors and tastes that support both tradition as well as cutting edge culinary flavors.

The Beginning

For more than 50 years, three generations of the Krautheim family have been crafting the finest quality premium artisan chocolates. It all began on the island of Oahu, Hawaii with little Gertie Han (later to become Gertie Krautheim), a precocious seven-year-old with an uncanny curiosity for how chocolate candy was made, as she closely examined a Babe Ruth caramel nut bar. This passionate desire to learn stayed with her through young adulthood, as she honed her baking skills and gradually experimented with her real love—chocolate! 

Gertie fell in love with Carl Krautheim, a man who shared her love of chocolate! They were a perfect match!